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We are a family and a friendly team of travelers, Indigenous Siberians who were born and grew up in Irkutsk.

We love traveling and communicating with new people - all these led us to create our own tours.

More than 3000 people fell in love with the Baikal due to our company. We will show you the most beautiful and mysterious places around Sacred Lake Baikal.
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Author's tours to Baikal will help fill life with new sensations without being distracted by organizational issues. Some of the programs can be changed to suit your desires and interests. See what an individual vacation on Baikal can be like.
for couples
Fill your life together with vivid impressions: go on a trip by local transport - khivus, explore trails and caves together, have a picnic on the shores of Lake Baikal. Give each other happy memories.
for friends
We are happy to accompany you with friends in your adventure. Our guides will tell and show you how to spend time with fun in an interesting way: where to go, what to see, what to try, where you can take the best photos and where is the most delicious food.
for family's
Family trips is the best way to get closer. We will take care of all the issues: transfers, hotels, meals. You just have to enjoy your vacation with the whole family.
for businessmen
Joint jumping off the cliffs, traveling along the Circum-Baikal Railway and much more will help improve partnerships or simply spend joint leisure time with colleagues. We maintain a high level of organization of tours: we provide transfer, accommodation and meals.
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bonus: meeting at the airport
for free!

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not the sea
but the future ocean
It is said that after millions of years Lake Baikal can expand to the Okhotsk Sea, merge with it and enter the Arctic Ocean. While the Baikal is still a Lake, hurry up to enjoy its views.
siberian exotic
The crystal clear Baikal ice, ice grottoes and caves, lots of snow and drive. You can write an essay about the Baikal nature but it would be better if we show you it live in our tours.
alone with yourself
Many people go to the Baikal hoping to find an answer to the most important question. Not everyone finds but no one returns the same as before.
Aya bay

One of the strongest and most beautiful place at Lake Baikal. Shamans still carry out their rituals here and some of the most ancient caves at the Lake are located here.
Olkhon Island

Olkhon is the largest island of Lake Baikal. The length of the island is 73.5 km, width - up to 15 km, area - 730 km²
Cape Khoboy

Translated from the Buryats language "Khoboy" means "fang" - the cliffs cutting off sharply into the water resemble fangs. Another name of the cape is Virgin - if you look from water the main rock reminds the outline of a female body
Barguzin valley

This legendary place attracts a variety of adventure seekers. Here is the legendary burial place of Genghis Khan who retired to the country of Barngudzhin-Tokum.
the Circum Baikal Railway

A unique place not only at Lake Baikal but in the whole world. The Circum Baikal Railway has surpassed all constructed railways in the world and is rightfully considered the most beautiful railway in the world.
Lake Frolikha

The lake is of glacial origin. There is a good path to the lake which begins at the confluence of the stream into Baikal with the same name of the bay. 8 kilometers separate the bay from the picturesque nature of Lake Frolikha.

Irkutsk is located on the Eastern Siberia on Angara river banks. The lower embankment of the city is built up with old churches and cathedrals.
Ushkany Islands

A small mysterious archipelago. All because to get here difficult and only few people have been here. Given the location of the islands this amazing natural monument is located on the territory of the Zabaikalsky National Park and includes four islands.

It is translated from the Buryats language as "healing water". This word comes from the Sanskrit "rashiani" - nectar, the gods drink. This was the name of a mineral or warm spring that has healing value.
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